DLC is a moderated team with the following requirements:
Becoming a member is easy but it is a 2-part commitment.

1. Commitment to improving your shop. The Daily Listing Club is about improving your shop by listing daily. Additionally, we work towards our members’ listings becoming quality listings. (Better descriptions, tags, pictures, etc.) Be prepared to get suggestions, hints, and constructive criticism should you decide to join us. Very important, is that the Listing Club is NOT about promoting your wares for sales – it IS about building your shop & listings so that you will get sales outside of the club.

2. Commitment to the other members of the club. This is an interactive club. Once items are on the list, members will click and comment about your listing & your items. You need to do the same for the other members. Being a member of the club is a time commitment.

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3. Active participation is a must in the Daily Listing Club. “Active” is listing daily; participating in our “fun” & themed days; supporting team members; helping the team to *go* and *grow* by promoting members, treasuries, etc..

4. To better understand what you’ll be joining & how things work please read this Discussion in our team

5. The Daily Listing Club isn’t for everyone & we understand that. It IS a time commitment but the only way you know if you can handle it is if you try. Membership to the club is on a month to month basis. Active & consistent members for two consecutive months can “earn” the benefit of becoming a member of the team without being a member of the club. When this happens they will always be able to come and visit, chat & share and/or can join the Club again at any time they choose.

6. The Leaders of the team do their best to respond to invitations and questions within 48 hours after receipt – but do sometimes get backlogged….so please be patient. If you don’t hear from one of the Leaders within a week – please contact one of us. Something may have gone askew & we may never have received the communication or request.