Sunday, September 25, 2011


Thanks for dropping by the Daily Listing Club Blog. The DLC is all about listing daily, because daily listing keeps our Etsy shops fresh. More than just business the DLC is a lovely community of people who care. Want to join? It is open to anyone with an Etsy shop and the desire to list daily.

What are the members of the DLC working on this week:

Pixie Bone Jewelry is making flowers.  These flowers are so lovely and come either as a hair clip or brooch. 

Lisa J Honey makes the most mouth-watering felt food.  This week she made a slice of lemon meringue pie and a strawberry tart, yummy, no calories.

Nature Poet offers a variety of vintage in her Old and New Shop, from state of the art digital images from the past to a green glass trinket box.

Here's hoping you have a fun fall week.  Check back here often to see the items listed daily by
the Daily Listing Club.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Listing Club Weekly Round Up 9/18


Autumn is in full swing in the Daily Listing Club.  Fall can be a time of weather changes and it fun to compare different climates.  We celebrated autumn on Thursday by listing something fall themed.  While it is a little chilly in some parts of the world, like New York, the Daily Listing Club continues to be a warm and welcoming place. 

 Interested in Joining?  Becoming a member is rewarding and fun.

 What are the members of the Daily Listing Club up to this week?
  • Plarnstar made a fun, funky, plaid purse out of a toddler skirt.  There just is no end to her creativity in upcycling.  
  • NaturePoet is preparing for the upcoming holidays by listing this Vintage Night Before Christmas Platter.  You could get enough cookies for a whole team of reindeer on this reasonably priced serving dish. 
  • Intentional Glass is also getting ready for the winter holidays by renewing lampwork glass snowmen (and women).  Each a tiny glass figure with a big personality.
  • Marie of Love N Yarn designed and knit a simply stunning cardigan vest.  Her granddaughter (and 54 other people like it so much that they marked it as a favorite.  Marie also offers in her shop Dad or Granddad socks that can be customized
  • Kat listed two new favorites in her shop Kat's Jewelry Box.  Earrings and necklace would make a lovely set, both made with green malachite, Swarovski emerald crystals, and antiqued copper, well you simply must hop over and take a look.  I'm sure you will agree they are gorgeous.
Here's hoping you have a fun fall week.  Check back here often to see the items listed daily by
the Daily Listing Club.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Daily Listing Club Weekly Round Up


The first full week of September is behind us.  School is started and autumn is on the way.  This week in the DLC we celebrated Grandparents.  Next week we are looking forward to all kinds of positive stories and anecdotes on Tuesday for Positive Thinking Day, because the DLC is more than just listing daily, it is a warm, welcoming place with encouraging, positive people. 

Want to join in?  Becoming a member is rewarding and fun.

Lets find out what the Daily Listing Club members are working on this week.

The holidays will be here before we know it. 
  • Plarnstar listed this fabulous fall bracelet.  She says it is one of her favorite plarn (that is plastic yarn - recycled grocery bags) bracelets to date.
Have a fabulous week. Check back here to the blog all week to find lots of finds.