Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daily Listing Club Weekly Round Up 9/18


Autumn is in full swing in the Daily Listing Club.  Fall can be a time of weather changes and it fun to compare different climates.  We celebrated autumn on Thursday by listing something fall themed.  While it is a little chilly in some parts of the world, like New York, the Daily Listing Club continues to be a warm and welcoming place. 

 Interested in Joining?  Becoming a member is rewarding and fun.

 What are the members of the Daily Listing Club up to this week?
  • Plarnstar made a fun, funky, plaid purse out of a toddler skirt.  There just is no end to her creativity in upcycling.  
  • NaturePoet is preparing for the upcoming holidays by listing this Vintage Night Before Christmas Platter.  You could get enough cookies for a whole team of reindeer on this reasonably priced serving dish. 
  • Intentional Glass is also getting ready for the winter holidays by renewing lampwork glass snowmen (and women).  Each a tiny glass figure with a big personality.
  • Marie of Love N Yarn designed and knit a simply stunning cardigan vest.  Her granddaughter (and 54 other people like it so much that they marked it as a favorite.  Marie also offers in her shop Dad or Granddad socks that can be customized
  • Kat listed two new favorites in her shop Kat's Jewelry Box.  Earrings and necklace would make a lovely set, both made with green malachite, Swarovski emerald crystals, and antiqued copper, well you simply must hop over and take a look.  I'm sure you will agree they are gorgeous.
Here's hoping you have a fun fall week.  Check back here often to see the items listed daily by
the Daily Listing Club.

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