Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DLC Treasury Contest!

Hey Listers! Welcome to our first Treasury Challenge!  We can’t wait to see the beautiful collections you all come up with, so let’s get started!  Here are the rules:

1: Your treasury must include 5 items from different DLC shops. These items must be placed somewhere in the first three rows. The theme this week will be April Showers and May Flowers.  In our next treasury challenge, the winner will choose one item from their shop and one item from another DLC shop to be featured as the theme!
2: Your treasury must contain at least 3 other shops in the Daily Listing Club, anywhere in the Treasury. Fill the remaining spots with anyone you like.

3: Your treasury MUST be tagged "dlcteamchallenge" (all one word, without the quotes). Also, we recommend you fill every tag space that is appropriate for your treasury.

4: You MUST post the URL link to this blog in your treasury. This is important and is how the word gets out. If you're not sure of what to say, feel free to use this:
This is a Daily Listing Club challenge treasury. Anyone can participate! Learn more by visiting the blog at

5: When you have completed your challenge treasury, come back and add the URL to the blog’s Discussion Thread in the team page.

6: You can create as many treasuries as you like and enter as many times as you like. This challenge will end Thursday at 6pm Eastern. We will select three finalists to be featured, and our team will vote for the winner (please note, it will only be our team voting; no outside votes, please).  Winner will be reported on Sunday and new treasury challenge will start Monday.

7. Support other participants - View/Comment/Click on other treasuries in the Challenge.
8.  The winner of this challenge will be able to have one of THEIR OWN items featured for next week's challenge and will pick a “buddy” from the Daily Listing Club to be featured with them!

There you have it!  Create away! We can't wait to see your entries!

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  1. Great idea. My treasury can be found here