Monday, October 3, 2011

October Daze

September just blew by with an autumnal wind.  October looks to be loads of fun though. Check out all the special days planned:

October 4 - Tuesday - World Teacher Day - an item honoring our teachers or a gift suitable for them. Today, is also National Golf feel free to list an item pertaining to this popular sport.

October 6 - Thursday - It's national Apple Month! List something in warm apple tones. AND!! Recipe swap day!!!!! Share a favorite apple recipe with us!

October 10 - Monday - Canadian Thanksgiving! A harvest-y item would be perfect for today.

October 12 - Wednesday - Farmer's Day - (lol - caveman gets an unexpected "do-over") - List anything that pertains to a farm...or farm colors. AND!!!! Guess what???!!!!!!!!!!
Another recipe swap for today! -- It's harvest time....and Farmer's Day -- so share with us a great recipe that consists of things....that the farmer has harvested :)

October 14 - Friday - National Pizza Day -- if you'd like, list something that reminds you of pizza. However, please share with the team your absolute favorite kind of pizza!

October 18 - Tuesday - by popular demand -- Breakfast Day. Of course, on top of listing something suitable -- this MUST be a recipe swap day too!

October 20 - we'll be celebrating - NATIONAL NUT DAY - a bit early. The *real* day for this - is 10/22. But, since THIS will be the day of our *mystery* listing (I mean....what *nut* would buy something...sight unseen...... And, we're all a bit nutty, so we need to celebrate *our* day...).

October 25 - It's...Denim Day! List something in the "denim" family

October 26 - PIFW (once again -- staying away from Fridays & Mondays so our folks who do shows can participate...and with a bit less pressure)

October 27 - also by demand - Sparkly Day. List something that sparkles...or...that makes you feel "sparkly"

October 31 - Halloween. Feel free to wear a costume today :) Since - October is also National Dessert Month...and Halloween is known for treats -- it's RECIPE SWAP again! Share a favorite dessert recipe with us today.

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