Monday, October 17, 2011

Daily Listing Club Weekly Round Up

 This has been a busy week on the Daily Listing Club!

October 10 - Monday - Canadian Thanksgiving! A harvest-y item would be perfect for today.

October 12 - Wednesday - Farmer's Day - (lol - caveman gets an unexpected "do-over") - List anything that pertains to a farm...or farm colors. AND!!!! Guess what???!!!!!!!!!!
Another recipe swap for today! -- It's harvest time....and Farmer's Day -- so share with us a great recipe that consists of things....that the farmer has harvested :)

October 14 - Friday - National Pizza Day -- if you'd like, list something that reminds you of pizza. However, please share with the team your absolute favorite kind of pizza!

Want to join? It is open to anyone with an Etsy shop and the desire to list daily.

The goal of the Daily Listing Club is to encourage listing daily.  Here are some listings from this week past: -
new Creepy Cemetery Halloween Egg
Winter White Santa - Cross Stitch Chart
Care Bears Share The Fun

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