Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekly Round Up

Finishing up the month of October with lots of fun days:

October 25 - It's...Denim Day! List something in the "denim" family

October 26 - PIFW (Pay It Forward Wednesday - for DLC members only.  Want to join? It is open to anyone with an Etsy shop and the desire to list daily.)

October 27 - also by demand - Sparkly Day. List something that sparkles...or...that makes you feel "sparkly"

October 31 - Halloween. Feel free to wear a costume today :) Since - October is also National Dessert Month...and Halloween is known for treats -- it's RECIPE SWAP again! Share a favorite dessert recipe with us today.

Some Lovely Listing This Week:
Tiny coin purses
Legends of the Dragons

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